4 Key Factors That Contributes Greatly for an Effective Website Design Layout

4 Key Factors That Contributes Greatly For An Effective Website Design Layout
Nowadays, maintaining a strong online presence is utmost important for both small and large enterprises, after all, web is the most significant platform for engagement and interaction. In this technology-driven era, the primary element through which a seeker interacts with any business is its “website”. Websites that are not designed properly easily disheartens a user, and also do not perform well on the search engines and have low conversions. What exactly we mean when we say “a commendable website”? Apart from the functionality of the site elements, the visual appearance and the look and feel that one feels visiting the website contributes a lot to its success. So, what factors must be considered by the website design company when designing a website? Let’s discuss some of the important factors that must be taken seriously when defining the website design layout:

1. Space:

From flow to readability, space is one of the most important design tools that matters a lot. When it comes to the creation of focal point for the users, space plays an important role. An image or text surrounded by white space will look larger and more enticing. Generally, site designs incorporate plenty spaces, increased spacing lines of text, and overall use of open space. There should be a consistency in spacing which is necessary for key spatial relationships.

2. Typefaces:

Generally, images and fonts which are used on the website are known as “typefaces”. The font should neither be too big nor too small, it should be easily readable. The ideal font size for reading online is 16px and you must stick to a maximum of 3 typefaces in a maximum of 3 point sizes for a streamlined design.

3. Navigation:

How easily people can take action and move around the website is known as “navigation”. Some tactics for efficient navigation include an intellectual page hierarchy, utilisation of breadcrumbs, designing clickable buttons, and following the “three click rule” which means enabling the users to find the information they are seeking for within three clicks.

4. Colors and Images:

Using the perfect balance between the colors of the text and background will look soothing and readers will be able to read easily. The colors of the different site elements should be complementary to each other that create harmony and balance. Eventually, it will help in enhancing the user experience. A picture can express anything easily what thousand words cannot. Selecting the appropriate images for the website can help with brand positioning and connect with your target audience. Try to consider using infographics, videos, and graphics because they are much more effective and influential. It is not a rock breaking task to design a beautiful and compatible website with an attractive and instinctive layout. All your website development service provider has to do is consider the critical design elements that are enlightened above. These factors will help in the creation of an engaging, effective and useful website.

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