4 Strategic Google Ads Tips to Drive More Sales and Traffic

If you have just launched an eCommerce business, you might be on the lookout for methods to increase leads and sales. For many people, the most observable option is to hit the display network and run some Google Ads. These ads can help you start generating more traffic and boost your sales.

The best part of Google AdWords is that these work wonders for both new and established stores that want to push new products, deals, and promotions in a timely fashion. If your Google Ads are not performing as well as you expected, it is ideal to take PPC management services in Sydney, or wherever you live, from experts for targeting more audience and increasing your sale. Here are some traffic-driving Google Ads tips and hacks that will help you reach your target audience and drive more sales:

1. Adjust Your Keyword Matching

At the time of setting up your Google Ads campaigns, you will notice that the keyword match is set to broad match, which lets you target the comprehensive audience. But here are some other types of keyword matches that you can use to reach more traffic:

  • Broad Match:
    It is where Google matches searches to your keywords in a comprehensive way and contains a misspelling, typos, synonyms, and related keywords.
  • Exact Match:
    Exact match is where Google only matches the ads if the searcher is using the exact keyword to search, without much twist room.
  • Negative Keyword:
    This is a keyword that ensures you are excluded from irrelevant matches.
  • Phrase Match:
    It will ensure that Google only matches your keyword phrase to searchers who are using the exact phrase, without any variation.
  • Broad Match Modifier:
    It is similar to a broad match except it allows you to pinpoint the exact phrase or keywords you want to be matched to.

2. Set Up Conversion Keyword Tracking

Running an effective Google Ad campaign requires you to know which keywords adapt best. So test monitors and optimise your campaigns closely and for doing that, use conversion tracking. This is a free Google Ads tool that tracks exactly which keywords are bringing in converting traffic. It also shows what happens after a customer clicks on your ad.

3. Tighten Up Geo-Targeting Options

Just because you can reach possible shoppers in many countries, doesn’t mean you have to. Segmenting your broad market into position and generating diverse campaigns provided to those audiences will keep your budget safe, however bringing in more targeted traffic.

Preferably, you want to target different areas in the unlike ad group of the campaign. It will help you classify the locations that convey you more conversion, allowing adjusting bids so that you are outgoings on your ads on an ad group that is bringing you more sales.

4. Tweak Your Language Targeting

Language targeting lets you reach customers who speak one or multiple languages. This option is mainly helpful for those businesses, which want to increase global existence. If you want to connect with your potential customers more efficiently, consider interpreting your ads to other languages.

If you want your Google Ads to be effective, you will have to test them constantly. You can also take PPC management services in Sydney, or elsewhere, for targeting more traffic and enhance your sales. You should also carefully monitor your campaigns and add small changes to your tests for finding the endearing formula for your store.


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