5 Most Effective Ways to Improve E-Commerce Conversion Rates of Your Online Store

5 Most Effective Ways To Improve E-Commerce Conversion Rates Of Your Online Store
E-Commerce has quickly and effectively gained ground in the last few years. While there are major players like Amazon and eBay, there is a plethora of new players, offering generalised to specialised product offerings. To survive, sustain, and progress in this competitive field, these businesses not only need good products, but also an efficient and robust digital marketing platform. While most of the businesses spent a majority of their budget on quality E-Commerce website development and bringing customers to their site with innovative marketing campaigns, what they lack is focussing on the conversion optimisation, which is as vital an aspect as any other marketing effort. This is a serious concern which needs to be addressed promptly. We’ve outlined 5 most important and key factors that, when applied collectively, are very powerful to improve the overall conversion rates:

1. Optimise Product Presentation

Customers pay a lot of attention on the visual experience. What you are showing to them goes a long way in enticing their interest in a certain product. Just like buying physically people want to get a complete and closer look of what they are buying. When it comes to selling online, nothing comes as vital, as product image. You should include high-resolution, multiple images of your product, taken from different angle. If it is clothing, it helps if you can include a real-life effect by showcasing a model wearing that certain outfit. Allow options like zoom, rotate, pinch and image scaling. Make sure to present the product with a clear, easy-to-read description. The present age consumer is every smart and loves to go through every detail before making the purchase. Make it rich with concise information, focusing on what the product is, who it is for, and why it is a good choice for them. Keep the format simple and good-on-eye. People love to explore what other people are saying about a certain product, what has been their experience with it. Include true product reviews right there on the product page and make sure to not remove negative reviews from the page. The honest and true version makes it look authentic, and improves conversion rate.

2. Provide a Unique and Strong Value Proposition

According to a study, what many businesses in the online trade sector fail to notice and implement, is to communicate value proposition to their customers. You have to understand that what you are selling, there are many others in the same product line in your industry. So, what is that unique feature which makes you distinctive and better than them? Create a value proposition for your customers (which must be true and you must be able to deliver on that) that must be ideally present on your site’s top, under the logo, or any other place deemed fit.

3. Offer Deals and Promotion

With increased competition in the virtual market, the marketers and retailers lure potential customers with special discounts and offers time and again. Make sure you have a clear and optimised strategy for providing your customers with discount offers, through promo codes and other methods. You can also include price-match policy, competitive low pricing and other such features.

4. Free Shipping

It has been observed that customers often abandon their cart when there is a high shipping price associated, or when they are looking for a free shipping alternative. Try to reduce your shipping price to as low as possible if you have enough margin to cover the delivery. If the margin is low, offering free shipping will improve your orders, thus bringing enough revenue to cover the delivery costs easily.

5. Engage with Customers

Presenting your product for sale is not the only thing you should be involved. To make your customers more involved and show your interest in providing them value service with enhanced customer satisfaction engage with them through all the means. Integrate live chat option on your site and track customer behaviour. Send cart abandonment notifications, provide subscription to the readers (which could include extra discounts for them), mail the previous customers for limited-time deals. These steps are an effective way to build trust with the customers and improve your conversion rates. Right from creating your website, to engaging in E-Commerce SEO optimisation for your online store, you need to focus on every minute detail to make your business a success. Conversion optimisation is definitely an important aspect, which you must not avoid.

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