5 SEO Mistakes That You Need To Avoid During Content Marketing

5 SEO Mistakes That You Need To Avoid During Content Marketing
SEO is an experimental science. But this experimentation does not mean that you step away from the digital marketing fundamentals that are imperative to make for a successful campaign. So, if your SEO strategies aren’t aligned with your content marketing methods, then you are not going to get the desired results. Here, we list down 5 SEO mistakes that content marketers need to avoid to drive profitable results:

1. Having Short Content

Just mentioning a topic in short, or not explaining it fully as per your objectives or to meet the reader’s need isn’t going to put you in the good books of Google or other search engines. Search engines, especially Google in present times, gives a lot of emphasis to the user behavior, and if the reader is not satisfied then it accomplishes no good deal. The more in-depth a content has, the better it is going to rank. The content should not be given a long-form just for the sake of it, but you need to make it comprehensive enough so that it satisfies the reader’s need. On average, the top-ranked contents in Google’s result are about 2000 words long.

2. Targeting The Wrong Audience

Whether you are marketing your content yourself or is it being handled by a content marketing agency in Sydney, or wheresoever,  should be marketed to the right customer base. Like, if your content is about musical instruments, and you are promoting it on educational communities, then you aren’t going to realise any effective results.

3. Not Building Any Metrics

Measure before managing. Measuring the baseline should be given high priority. You must look into every associated metrics, like how many social media followers you have, what efforts bring the most value, what campaign or platform needs to be given a push, what are your objectives, how to track your campaign throughout the process, and so, to derive expected results. Evaluate what keywords to target and what specific methods are bringing your competitor’s success.

4. Using The Wrong Words

You must be aware of what specific words or phrases your target audience is using during their searches. Utilise tools like Google trends to ascertain what words are trending with respect to a certain product or service category, and use them strategically in your content. Like, if the people are searching for ‘mortgage’ in their searches, then using ‘loans’ in your content will not help your cause.

5. Not Citing The Information Sources

Many copywriters and marketers, when mentioning some statistics or practical results or information, proceed without mentioning the sources. It makes the content less credible. Only doing the ‘talking’ provides no viable meaning to the content, unless the readers are assured from where and by whom a certain info is gathered. This is also recognised by the search engines, and giving the outbound links helps to make the content authoritative and improve ranking in organic search results. SEO is a continual process and takes a lot of effort to make it right. But not optimising your content marketing can ruin your entire campaign. – To ensure that content provides you right value for your website’s growth, then your content marketing it must be properly implemented, whether by yourself or by taking assistance from SEO services company in Sydney or elsewhere.

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