5 Social Media Platforms Your Business Should Use for Brand Awareness

5 Social Media Platforms Your Business Should Use For Brand Awareness
The more people know about your brand, the better your chances of attracting and turn them into potential customers. And this can be effectively done utilising the power of the online social network. The world is on social media. From a teenager to an adult, you can see every other person actively present on a social media profile. So, it makes sense that your business should have a presence on the social media platform. But, what channels you need to target? Here, we provide a detailed list of 5 top social media networks that, when strategically used, can give your brand the much-needed and cost-effective branding:

1. Facebook

The most popular social media brand in the world, with around 1.4 billion daily active users is no surprise in this list. Facebook is not just a big name in the online social circle but a giant in its own right that could give your brand campaign a complete makeover. Whether you want to create an impactful presence amongst the Facebook members, want to attract traffic or lead conversions, Facebook is one place where your business needs to be actively engaging, just like your business website. It offers you both, the general interactive platform or you can utilise its advertisement service as well.

2. Google +

When you are looking to enhance your authority in Google search results, alongside growing your social media presence, Google + offers the right solution. Properly listing your business on Google + with brand name, contact details, address, photos and other information will help you in gaining benefits in search results, especially if you are targeting local region.

3. Instagram

Fast becoming the go-to app for image and video sharing, this social media channel is specifically for you if you want to promote your products amongst the users. Create a profile, and afterwards regularly update about your new offerings as well as special promotions combined with clear, interactive images of your products. With a user base in hundreds of millions, you are sure to attract potential customers.

4. Twitter

A completely different process than other social media channels, this micro-blogging network offer a different way to engage with your potential customers and readers. The better you are at utilising the hashtag feature of Twitter, the effect your interaction and increasing your follower base will be, improving your brand awareness.

5. YouTube

Everybody loves to gather information about something through video more than written text. This is what YouTube can do. Working wonders with video creation and editing tools, and conceptualising strong concept, create content about your company products and service that will surely attract high views. With over 30 million users active on a daily basis, this platform provides you with a highly interactive medium to engage with viewers without any cost. It just takes a few minutes to shttps://www.beedev.com.au/2017/12/05/5-social-media-practices-boost-seo-campaigns/et-up your profile on social media channels. Make sure to post and engage on a regular basis, and approach in an inventive way to fully maximise the benefits the social media platforms can provide to your business.

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