7 Social Bookmarking Sites to Increase Traffic and Brand Awareness

7 Social Bookmarking Sites to Increase Traffic and Brand Awareness For any business creating brand awareness can be tough, but you can make it easier by using social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking websites help as a platform for people to share content that may come in the form of articles, blogs, videos, web pages, and images.

Allowing for the many people who are using these sites, you will increase the chance of showcasing your products or services to more audiences. And you will be also able to create brand awareness in a faster and more effective manner. It is also necessary to note that bookmarking sites play a vital role in SEO. SEO refers to optimise your website and it helps make it rank higher in different search engines. Here are some top social bookmarking choices that rank high because of their quality and popularity.

  1. Twitter
    Twitter is one of the top social bookmarking sites in the world that has millions of users, which you can connect with. You can simply post your links and images on your Twitter account. By doing this, you have basically bookmarked your content. In Twitter, the like button is also expedient for bookmarking and going back to your earlier posts.
  2. Pinterest
    If your target market is women then you better make sure you are on Pinterest, because most global Pinterest users are women. Before buying anything, Pinterest users like to go to the site for getting a better look at the items that interest them.
  3. Reddit
    Reddit is a popular site where people send in links and other types of content that pique their interest. In this site, other users have the power to downvote, upvote, or comment on the submission. Through these, you can extract a list of content that has bookmarks.
  4. Myspace
    Myspace is suitable for those who are looking for more attractive content. In this manner, you can promote your products and services while extracting a bookmarking list.
  5. Mix
    This bookmarking site is one of the most popular ones out there. Like other social media platforms, Mix is centered on interacting with users by following people with shared interests and passion and growing your own list of followers.
  6. Dribble
    If you belong to the design and creative industry then Dribble is a great option for you. It provides to users who are searching for design inspirations.
  7. Slashdot
    If you are a techie or you want to connect with the tech-savvy market, then you should be on Slashdot. On this social bookmarking site, users share different kinds of tech-related content.

By social bookmarking sites is simply one of the many ways you can increase traffic for your website. For building solid brand awareness, you also need to learn other approaches and techniques. You can also take the help of website design and digital marketing companies for knowing more about digital marketing and web development.

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