What Are Some Common SEO Mistakes That Could Penalise Your Website

What Are Some Common SEO Mistakes That Could Penalise Your Website
Search engine optimisation (SEO), if done badly, could destruct your brand proposition in the virtual sphere even before it has started taking shape. In the recent years, Google has become stringent on what techniques and methods a marketer is following, derailing from the path can result in website’s penalisation, which is something no one would ever want to happen. Despite your efforts if you are still not getting the results then you are putting it in the wrong ways. And these mistakes need to be thoroughly assessed and rectified before it is too late. Here, we round up 4 critical SEO mistakes that could get your site penalised by Google and other search engines:

1. Using Black Hat SEO Techniques:

In spite of the fact that marketers today know the implications of using black hat techniques, there are still many who carry out black hat SEO to acquire quick results. This is one of the prevalent mistakes that can land a website into jeopardy. Black hat SEO means breaching the rules and guidelines of the search engines to get desired results quickly. Such activity can penalise your site as fast as it can give you results. Given below are some of the black hat SEO practices that people often performs:
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Purchased links
  • Link exchanges
  • Hidden texts and links
  • Blog comment spam

2. Using Wrong Keywords:

Any SEO campaign rely heavily on the targeted keywords, specific to the business. And there are several tools to carry out the task of finding the right keywords. But if you are not paying enough time and attention on finding and using the right keywords for your business, then you stand to lose more than gain.

3. Using Low-quality Content:

The only goal of any search engine is to proffer people with appropriate and quality content, which can help them find desired solution. If you are producing low-quality, irrelevant content on your site as well on blogs and articles, then there are high that your website will get penalised. If you really wish people to find and like your content, then investing in superior quality and creative content is mandatory. Try to avoid duplicate content at all.

4. Developing Link-Leveraged Business Relationships:

Many businesses create relationships with other businesses wherein the sole objective is to earn and gain links. And this is done to create links and affluent SEO and click-through traffic. While developing business relationships is a good prospect for trade, but not focusing on the core liaison and merely attracting links can make you look spammy in front of Google and other search engines. It is not a good idea to carry out SEO on your own if you don’t know much about it. Professional SEO experts know the ins and outs of the industry, what techniques to follow and what to avoid. And therefore, investing in the right and skilled SEO resource is a must if you want to get desired results in the long run.

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