How to Create Most Effective Keywords List – 5 Tips for Keyword Research Strategy

How To Create Most Effective Keywords List – 5 Tips For Keyword Research Strategy
Digital marketing relies profoundly on content marketing. And for an effective content promotion, right keyword inclusion becomes a major prospect. But, how do you define which keywords to use and target? This is where keyword research becomes an all-important thing for any Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign. This process isn’t a one-time thing like webpage creation or logo design, but a continuous methodology that needs to be done in the most efficient manner to make better marketing decisions. Using right keywords in each of your content becomes a major plan of action, which helps your business to be found by more and more visitors in search rankings. Becoming ‘wise’ in implementing precise and effective keyword strategy is important for you to ensure a result-driven digital marketing campaign. Appended below are 5 effective keyword research strategy tips that you or your SEO service provider need to employ to get fruitful results:

1. Understand Who You Are Targeting

The very first process is to understand who your target audience is, for whom you will be developing your content marketing programs. You should study and evaluate how the users search for the products and services like yours. This includes standard searches, as well as newer search queries that people use time and again to change their focus. Create a list of the keywords you found, along with getting niche keyword phrases.

2. Understand What are ‘Head’ and ‘Long-Tail’ Keywords

Your keyword research process should be precisely developed around both types of keywords – Head and Long-Tail terms. Head terms are general, short that people use in searches, like – ‘Ian Thorpe’, ‘Rolex prices’, or ‘cooking tips’, and so. Whereas, Long-Tail terms are long, in-depth, like – ‘How to get a car serviced at reasonable prices’ or ‘Top Australian earning celebrities for 2017’, and so. Different types of people have diverse search leanings. Including both, Head and Long-Tail terms is a necessary step to target a larger user base and cover the field strongly, to drive better search ranking results.

3. Build Your Keywords Around Your Topics

Modern SEO has evolved a lot since the rise of Semantic Search. And with user-experience as the key ingredient for Google and other search engines, you need to become more precise in how you develop your topic and deliver rich value proposition to the visitors. Keeping this in mind will help you create your list of keywords, that are more topic-wise, rather than a group of words.

4. Create Keyword List Which is More Than a Result of High Searched Words

Whether you are focussing on conversion or branding, you must not limit yourself at considering the search volume only while researching for keywords. There are a number of other factors too that goes into defining what a right and specific keyword list will be to get effective content promotion results:
  • Product and service criteria
  • Business relevance
  • Specificity
  • Competition
  • Productive valuation
  • Informational intent
After creating the list considering all the above factors, you must narrow it down, specific to your marketing plan.

5. Associate The Keywords to The Accurate Landing Page

Many marketers focus on creating the right keyword list, implement good content marketing, but fail to map to the exact landing pages. And this can be a real letdown to the whole campaign. The landing pages you associate with the keywords must be highly relevant. This is important to reduce the bounce rate and ensure increased conversion. Apart from these tips, you also need to pay attention to your competitor’s strategies, as it can help you to enhance and develop your own. As you understand the significance of keyword research for your marketing campaigns, it is necessary to take your time upfront and focus smartly to create a killer keyword strategy, which can bring you improved results. Whether you are doing SEO on your own, or having it done by professional providers for SEO service in Sydney, or elsewhere, combine the above stated principles with keyword research tools to help and implement a well-defined research process.

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