How to Create an Effective, Converting Landing Page for Your Website?

How To Create An Effective, Converting Landing Page For Your Website?
When your potential customers visit a product or service page on your website from an ad, social media channels or from any other source, you want the page to create an impact, provide value to them and compel them to take positive action. In this competitive world, it is not about what product you offer to your user, but how you present that holds an equal significance. This is where the importance of a quality and impactful landing page comes to the fore. If you want to enhance your conversion rate and increase revenue from online channel, you need to have a perfect landing page. Here, we provide you some invaluable tips on how to create a worthy landing page, irrespective of product, service or industry you belong to, that will turn the visitors into customers:

1. Focus on Creating Unique, Rich & Informative Page Layout

The page layout and the included elements are the first thing the visitor will witness. Different offer pages and special deals must have unique pages. The landing page must have a user-friendly interface and should interact with the visitor effectively. Most important elements and information that are useful for the user and that which you want to focus on must be on the top, like the page heading and the opt-in form. Keep the message clear and decluttered with no distraction.

2. Create Catchy Copy

The heading, content copy and everything else textual must be short, clear, concise and written in second person. The headline is the most important thing on the page and so you must make it count. When creating heading, go through a split test to ascertain which one works better.

3. Keep Every Visitor in Mind

When deciding on all the elements of your page, you must know that every visitor on your page is different and therefore must have different needs and analysis process. Give them multiple options, but limit them so that they all end up in benefitting you. Some visitors are ready to purchase, while some are eager to know more, get brief details, some would want additional offerings, and so. Therefore your page information should cater to different needs of targeted visitors.

4. Have Clear, High-Quality and Relatable Images and Videos

Some things are not explained clearly in text that can be demonstrated through an image, slideshow or a video. And in most cases, potential buyers want to have a clear look at what product they are buying. Our brain relies heavily on the visual processing, and therefore you must tap on this spectrum. Images and video not just depict the product but are also a great communication tool. For a product, use multi-images of high definition quality from different angles. A small video introducing what you can offer can work wonders to sell your product or service.

5. Let Other Customers Speak for You

Most of the time visitors are not influenced by what the seller is saying, but by what experiences the previous customers have had. Giving a social proof based on your previous customer’s experiences will certainly make for a compelling influencer. Add testimonials, reviews and what the industry experts have to say about your product or service.

6. Instruct with a Call-to-Action

Make your customers follow you by telling them what to do next. A call-to-action is an important part of your landing page. It can be in the form of buying, registering for some webinar or so, subscribing to the email, requesting a call-up, free estimate, and or for further information and discussion. Make your call-to-action stand out with a clear message and an easily visual button. A landing is as important as your product, service and special offers you are rolling out. But making these turn into sales needs a specific plan, for which an effective landing page is of very high importance.

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