Why Responsive Website Design Matters – 5 Significant Reasons

Why Responsive Website Design Matters – 5 Significant Reasons
In today’s time, businesses use online platforms to promote their brand and to engage a wider audience. Therefore, it is important to have a quality, efficient digital model that helps you connect with a global audience in an enhanced and interactive manner. Today, no one relies on desktops and laptops to access any website, you must leverage the other mediums as well to connect with most number of users and readers as possible. This is where a responsive design becomes highly important. Firstly, it is necessary to understand what a responsive web design is? It refers to the development of a website in such a manner that it is accessed and viewed accordingly on different devices like tablet, mobile phone, and desktop as well. Its elements such as content, images, and structure remain the same on any device. Here, in this scenario, we will learn few reasons to understand the significance of responsive web design:

1. Growth in Mobile Usage

The number of users accessing internet through their mobile devices has exponentially increased. Therefore, to reach them, it becomes important to have a website that can be accessed on the different mobile devices.

2. Better UX

A Responsive website is created by focusing heavily on their interface, and therefore constitutes of better UX. The click-through-rates gets a boost by 21%-24% as compared to other versions.

3. Preferred for SEO

Google, as well as other search engines prefer responsive websites, as they provide better user experience. Google promotes websites that are responsive in nature and recent studies have revealed that such websites generally perform better and loads faster, which eventually benefits users. This is the relevant reason SEO professionals prefer a responsive version as these sites have one URL that makes it easier and more proficient for Google to crawl, index, and organise content from just a single URL.

4. Reduction in Page Loading Speed

Time taken by a page to load is one of the chief factors when it comes to search engine rankings. Google always appreciates fast-loading web pages that load quickly. Responsive design results in fast loading thereby the content can index more efficiently on Google.

5. Lesser maintenance

Before responsive website two options were there:
  • Design a desktop site that would look small and inconvenient on mobile devices.
  • Create a separate website for mobile which would work on a mobile device’s browser.
The above options were neither cost-effective nor efficient because extra time was involved in order to update both websites frequently. If you choose only the desktop variant, then you risk of losing out on potential mobile users. Having a responsive website ensures that we need to make an update to the site only once and all the variants pertaining to different mediums and devices will update accordingly. So, above are the few reasons that will dispel all your doubts regarding the importance of responsive website design.

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