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Get the Best Dedicated Hosting for Your Business Website

A dedicated hosting or managed hosting is one where you are allotted a single server which is not shared with anyone else. When you want to take your large group to the virtual platform, or want to have full security and robustness without sharing the host client with anyone, dedicated hosting is the best solution for you. It is contrary to what shared hosting is, which acts as a host to multiple websites or clients. It can be set-up in-house or externally from within a data center.

When you want the best dedicated or managed hosting for your website in Australia, BeeDev Solutions has the best-in-class solution for you, specifically meeting your budget, along with full range of features and high-end security and safety that provides the best virtual location for your business, with complete control, seamless function and improved convenience.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

  • With one dedicated server, you can customise the features and usage tailored to your business and website requirements.
  • A single server also ensures that the website is functional all the time and the downtime is pretty low as managed hosting enables stability and high-performance.
  • Compared to shared hosting, here the server congestion is very negligible as there is no other client using the same platform. This is pretty helpful for websites that are resource heavy, as then a dedicated hosting ensures non-disruption of the website.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

Get Secured & Affordable Dedicated Hosting Plans in Sydney
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  • In a dedicated hosting process, the clients can install and deploy firewall configurations and anti-virus that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the website functions, risks and other aspects. Dedicated hosting servers setup within a data centre also ensures improved physical safety measures like mantraps, biometric authentication and more.
  • As many websites on dedicated hosting work on important and mission critical functions, dedicated hosting also provides such websites with needful support features like managed hosting provider, and more.

Fully Managed, High-Performing, Secured and Affordable Dedicated Hosting Plans

Whatever business or industry you are engaged in, we can provide you right solution for your dedicated hosting requirements. Choose from one of the plans that best fits your requirement. Our packages are affordable, our hosting solutions come with full support and features, provide enhanced security for your website along with complete support throughout the year.

We offer varied features and assistance through our dedicated hosting to clients:

  • Highly customisable hosting
  • Enhanced speed for your website functioning
  • Full root access
  • Minimal downtime, robust performance
  • Fast provisioning of set-up so you can have your website setup to start working sooner

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