DNS Hosting

DNS Hosting – Build, Operate and Provision Domain Name Servers

DNS (Domain Name System) is a hosting service that provides domain name system resolution services. When you want to give complete power to your website alongside web hosting, a DNS hosting allows for faster web address resolution speed that becomes effectively critical to provide much-needed, highly critical and enhanced user experience.

BeeDev Solutions has created a high niche in the industry, offering dynamic DNS hosting services to a range of businesses across the globe, making them connect and operate their domains professionally and making their website provide optimal performance in a fast, secured and effective way. Our quality and enhanced DNS hosting allows webmasters and business owners to operate domain name servers that are integrated with domain name registrars and web hosting services in an effective way.

We provide both, Free DNS and Premium DNS – So choose one according to your needs and website requirement.

BeeDev offers DNS Hosting Service in Sydney

Custom-Tailored DNS Hosting

  • Dedicated IPs along with custom server names
  • Customised server locations
  • A dedicated DNS manager
  • Full, integrated and secured protection for DNS
  • Control panel for DNS to help you manage, monitor and keep up with the progress.

Advanced DNS Hosting – For Any Domain, Registered Anywhere

Whatever type of DNS service you are looking to avail, we are able to provide you that with our quality, feature-rich and fully optimised service. We provide high-availability and low latency DNS hosting that is specific that leverages the network, blends well with the web hosting service, resulting in seamless and effective process for incoming traffic management.

If you are running a personal blog then we will suggest you to go with Free DNS. For commercial websites, Premium DNS hosting is the best solution that provides advanced and effective solution for their websites’ address resolution.

We provide our customers with 24/7 tech support, coupled with an in-built management console.

Advantages of Our DNS Hosting

  • With our DNS hosting service, you get a structured support that helps to boost the performance of your website, and provides a fully optimised process that enhances your website’s reach and traffic management.
  • We ensure that the traffic is routed to the nearest, custom server on the networking, which subsequently allows for faster address resolution and that too without any botch.
  • No downtime as our robust structure keeps up with the requirement and provides full uptime, therefore leading to error-free process.
  • High-end security features ensures that the network is fully protected from any DDoS attacks.

Advantages of Our DNS Hosting

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