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So you want to educate your potential target audience, your existing customers, your partners and clients about your product, service or a new concept you are bringing out. How do you take them through the process of understanding that in an easy and efficient way?

Yes, an explainer video.

When you want to leverage the benefits of motion graphics and animated characters to speak effectively on your behalf getting your viewers engaged with positive results, BeeDev Solutions has your back.

Increase User Engagement, Sales and Conversion Rate with Creative and Persuasive Explainer Videos

An explainer video is only effective and successful when it gets your prospects to view, involve, understand, feel, think and take actions based on that. This is what we, at BeeDev Solutions, are expert at. We create precise, unique, easy-to-grasp explainer videos that separate you from the competition, elevate your brand and turn prospects into customers.

What Do You Get?

As the name suggests, an explainer video is all about bringing your product, service or concept information into highlight that stays with the viewers. Bringing the best of innovative methodology, conceptualisation and making use of best and advanced tools and technology we create explainer videos that makes people think, feel the need to respond to that, and then take the next step forward.

We understand that each business has its own characteristic, set of rules, business objective and specific target area and customers, which we take into process to create custom-tailored explainer videos that suit the detailed requirements of the business to the fit.

Explainer Video Production in Sydney

How We Do It?

  • We only need to know a brief about your brand and what objective you want to achieve with your explainer video. Our first step is to uncover your core message and understand your customer base. Then we turn your idea and concept into a compelling video and graphic that takes your branding to the next level.
  • Next we ideate on how to create a compelling video that does the best work in conveying your message to your target audience efficiently.
  • Whether you have a script or not, we can take care of that to craft a beautiful and captivating script that blends perfectly with the video and provides an influential pitch for your sales channels.
  • Our team get down to create style frames, design boards, storyboards, add vocals, animation and sound, giving a touch of artistic finesses coupled with technical excellency.

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