Website Migration

We Get Your Website Moved to a Robust and Secured Platform

Are you concerned about your current website hosting service or server?

Do you feel that your website is not secured and fully protected?

Is your present hosting plan too expensive?

Whatever the reason is because of which you want to move your website, with us can rest assured to get the desirable solution you are looking for.

Cost-Effective Site Migration from BeeDev

Fast, Simple, Cost-Effective Site Migration

BeeDev Solutions, alongside offering advanced and fully managed hosting services provide support to website owners and businesses to move their website to a better, secured, feature-rich, intuitive and affordable hosting solution and server.
Website Migration in Sydney

Easy, Non-Complicated Process

Moving from one website hosting service or server to another can be a really perplexing and complicated task for some – but not for us. We understand how much effort you have put into developing your website which is the brand face of your business. Therefore, we incorporate advanced technology, innovative process, and tried and tested methodology to move your website from your present host to us in an effective, simple and fast way. With us you could rest assured that your website won’t face downtime issue (a key concern for website migration).

We Leverage Advanced Tools And Technologies

It is not what we have to move but how we have to move, that forms the basic structure of website migration. This is where we have put in years of experience and expertise to good use. Each website has a specific architecture and moving it to a different host means that you have to proceed accordingly.

We understand what your present website structure is, what panel and framework it is built on, and assemble all the related information to plan the site migration process. We incorporate latest technologies and tools, specific to your website framework, to pick the best course of action and platform for website migration.

Our Website Migration Services

  • Migration from a cPanel Host
  • Migration from a non-cPanel Host
  • Migration consulting service

What We Will Need?

In order to move your website, we will need a few details (you can fully rely on us related to your website security):
  • Your website and Domain name information, which must be fully owned by you.
  • Your host details, login details at the present server, along with your FTP login details.

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