How to Track And Measure Your Local SEO Campaigns to get Desired Results

How To Track And Measure Your Local SEO Campaigns To Get Desired Results
Implementing your Search Engine Optimisation strategies cannot be said to be complete, and you cannot gather the real value from it, until you keep track of and measure your methodologies. Tracking helps you understand what is going on with the whole process, and then measuring the success helps you alter or improve your methods to gain maximum possible benefits. With the changing dramatics of the SEO in the last few years, the effect of local SEO campaigns can be attributed to having a huge say in the success of businesses, especially in the eCommerce sector. So, how do you track and measure your local SEO strategies? We take a look at 5 critical steps that you must impleme

1. Assess Your Ranking

We all do SEO to gain higher ranking in the search engine result pages, and then we look at how it affects business value. So, to track your local SEO, the first and foremost step is to evaluate your ranking. If your ranking is increasing, then you are reaping rewards of your efforts. An increased ranking means that you must be getting a good number of traffic. If you see your ranking’s dropping, then ahead of all other factors, you need to first make your site more visible by making it gain a good position in the search engine result pages.

2. Assess Your Incoming Traffic

After keeping a track of your Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking, the next thing you need to keep a track of is to review your site’s traffic. Use a good analytics tool to do this, like Google Analytics. Compare the traffic to the last year’s, with respect to the same time frame. Evaluate it quarter-wise. This assessment of percent change in your traffic will help you formulate your strategies accordingly.

3. Check Your Mobile Traffic Seperately

Most of the incoming traffic these days is coming from mobile devices. So, it becomes essential to implement a certain tracking method for the mobile devices. Google Analytics offers this feature, where you can keep track of the traffic from the mobile devices and adjust your mobile strategy.

4. Keep Track of Different Customer Base

This includes existing customers, returning ones, new customers, as well as referral traffic. These specifics can be undertaken with the help of Google Analytics. Tracking the different customer base will help you realise what type of customers, as well as what marketing campaigns, methods are more successful.

5. Track the Conversion & Return on Investment (ROI)

The measurement of your entire SEO campaign can’t be complete until you gain the real value from it, which comes from tracking the conversions and what ROI you are getting. Compare it with last year or quarter’s performance so that you or your agency for local SEO services in Sydney knows how to gain maximum benefits. So, your marketing efforts can only bring value when you know how to keep track of your Search Engine Optimisation in Sydney, or wherever your firm is located, to get the desired results.

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